McCarthyism at Queens College Digital Exhibit

This site is a digital reproduction of the exhibit McCarthyism at Queens College,
1947-1955. The exhibit was originally installed in the Rotunda of the Benjamin 
Rosenthal Library at Queens College from September 2 through October 18, 

Each tab above represents a section of the exhibit as it was originally presented 
and labeled. The original intellectual order of the exhibit has been maintained,
with the exception of minor layout changes to accommodate on-screen viewing.
The original exhibit was curated by Dorothy Pita, Professor Emeritus of 
Education, and Lawrence Kaplan, Professor Emeritus of History at City College.
Both were students at Queens College during the period portrayed. Drawing on
the Queens College Archives and other archival sources, and with the assistance
of designer Alice Sprintzen and Queens College Archivist Stephen Barto, they 
assembled a powerful display of photographs, original documents, news 
clippings, political cartoons, and other materials. Click here to read more about
the original exhibit. We hope that the digital version of the exhibit will serve as 
an education tool for years to come. 

Additionally, this website has incorporated a selection of digitized images 
from the Oscar Shaftel Collection, which is part of the Queens College 
Special Collections and Archives. Shaftel was a Queens College professor 
who played a central role in the McCarthyism debate on campus. Click on 
the Oscar Shaftel Collection tab to view these images.